2021 / 9 / 30 Francesca Vailati Online Lecture

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Francesca Vailati MD, DMD, MSc


After receiving her medical degree from the University of Bari (Italy) in 1996, Dr. Vailati left Europe to pursue her dental education in the United States. In 2000 she received her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and in 2003, she earned a certificate in Prosthodontics along with with a M.S.D. degree from the University of Connecticut (USA). Returning to Europe in 2004, she joined the department of Fixed Prosthodontic headed by Prof. Urs Belser at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), until 2020. Dr. Vailati maintains a part-time private practice in Geneva, dedicated to rehabilitation of worn down dentitions, using adhesive Prosthodontics and ADDITIVE Dentistry. She has developed a protocol, the 3STEP technique, which allows clinicians to face full-mouth rehabilitations in a more predictable manner. Finally, Dr. Vailati has created her own Academy, the 3STEP Academy, with different centres around Europe. Her main location, however, remains on the Lake Como, Italy, where theoretical-practical courses are held on Additive Prosthodontics and functional rehabilitation of patients affected by erosion and dysfunction.


自2002年 Dr. Pascal Magne 和 Prof. Urs Belser 發表 “Bonded Porcelain Restorations” 一書起,黏著性的贋復治療開始成為贋復治療的顯學,而 Dr. Francesca Vailati 與 Prof. Urs Belser 其後於 2008 發表的三篇關於全口重建運用3-step techniques文章,更讓黏著性處理方式躍上另一個閃耀台階,很快席捲了全世界,開啟更廣泛、也更幫助病患的方式。個人在2016年兩度參加 Dr. Vailati 在 Barcelona 的完整課程,也在2018年帶團參加她在法國 Annecy 的開立的課程,每次都有深刻的啟發。我內心最大的感想,就是 Francesa 她總是站在病友的角度,思考何種的治療能為病友帶來最大的好處;而她努力衝撞牙醫界各種不平等,例如性別不平等、頑固學究思想的禁銬...等等,更加凸顯她不願妥協與追求真理的豪爽個性!



彭炯熾 2021


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播放時間 / Course Live on : September 30, 15:00 ~ 18:00 (Taipei Time)

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